what should i do??

December 6, 2011 9:42am CST
i recently in preparation for IELTS,my english teacher suggested i listen to everyday listening,but i really could not to decide to delete my songs in MP3 and are replaced by english listening.so,what should i do???
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@nshgour (41)
6 Dec 11
i don't think that listening english songs will help u very much...i also gave a test of IELTS and passed with 6.2 marks in 2009. i gave that exam to go to germany for the course engineering....but unfortunatly my agent was fraud and i could not go to germany......ahh leave it....if u really want to be a good in english just stand up in front of the mirror (don't sit),and talk to ur self about current affairs....that will improve ur knowledge,ur fluence power and ur confidence... do the best in exam...
6 Dec 11
one more thing, do the practise consistently,bcoz if u don't do it u will became weak after sometime.......i know this bcoz i am the one who has done this mistake....my fluence is not so good now like before....so just practise as much as u can.. :)