song ideas for a band

December 7, 2011 5:43am CST
Hi guys, I would like to ask for some ideas. We have a band with two guitars, a bass, drum, and keyboard (also two singer) We play classic rock, metal, and so on. Do you have any great idea what songs should we play to have a nice concert? What would you like to hear at an amatour rock concert?
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@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
10 Dec 11
do you know any songs of the rock band 'the journey'? i love their songs and i'm sure if you sing some of their very famous songs in your amateur rock concert your audience would love it too and would love to sing along with you because a lot of people are familiar with the lyrics of most of the songs of 'the journey'. it's nice to have audience participation in a rock concert...right paland3?:)
• Hungary
12 Dec 11
Youare absolutely right mammots :D I actually never heard about them, but will have a look at it! We would love to have the audience as the "vocal" :D But im afraid that if we play not as well-known songs they will stay quiet.
@super80 (19)
9 Dec 11
try the songs are easy to remember a young child, wit simple lyrics.
• Hungary
9 Dec 11
You mean child songs or what? I dont understand yet, but thanks for the reply. :D
7 Dec 11
My first point: Drop one of the singers. Never have 2 main vocalists, it just becomes a competition between the 2 for who sings what, etc etc... Anything popular, remember that keyboard can be added to anything, so I'd advise Coldplay music, the Fray, Panic! At the Disco, Saving abel, maybe some skillet if you can pull it off? Most of those are good well known bands with easy songs and nice vocals, some with 2 voice parts even. Maybe look into a bit of Breaking Benjamin and Seether as well :) Good luck!
• Hungary
8 Dec 11
Well one of them is really a singer, while the other (me) is a guitar player and vocal. So its not a big problem :D Thank you for the titles, i knew only a few of them! Do you have a band?
• Canada
9 Dec 11
Check out the back catalog of the Kinks. They've influenced everyone with their songs, whether hard rock, punk, gorgeous ballads, rock opera, etc.
@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
7 Dec 11
What I would like to hear a rock concert. but normally it is natural that rock concert rock. maybe something on the guitar. or to have more bass, I like a lot of bass. success of your group. nice day!