December 7, 2011 12:38pm CST
I had a great time always watching movies. And i am inspired by different character in the movies, i had watch "CHALO DILLI" and inspired me to be humble at all times. Not because i am ahead of others that i will be not good to them but understanding that we have same feelings that can be hurt. I also watch "3 IDIOTS" and it helps me better understand that i need to be EXCELLENT in order to follow success in life. and no matter what making my profession as my passion will help a lot to others not only me. Last night i have NARNIA with me and inspired me not to doubt my own value and myself because i am who i am and people around me is not who they are if i didn't pass by to their life. im part of their book and hope that i help.. Have you been inspired by movies you watch? Share some?
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• Indonesia
9 Dec 11
I love watching movies. And I think that all movies I watched inspired me so much. Just like you, I like 3 idiots too. At first I thought it's only a comedy, but I really got more than comedy. 3 idiots taught me a lot about friendship and success.. another inspiring movie for me is Avatar. I thought it's one of the greatest movie ever made...
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
Welcome to myLot rianhid. 3idiots was a great movie and also avatar. too many lessons was learned. even i watch it again. i keep on crying for joy about the friendship that was there in 3 idiots. the title is the reverse of the real personality there. Avatar is about love and it is a very nice story also of challenge in Life.
@Dinoman90 (225)
• Denmark
7 Dec 11
I love watching movies and I have to say Jurassic Park is the movie that has had the biggest impact in my life. I love dinosaurs and it has been my favorite movie since childhood, other movies I find fascinating are Hellraiser and lately the Spanish horror movie REC, if any horror fans read this, they should check it out :)
• Philippines
7 Dec 11
never been watch rec, i'll try to see it and made it more exciting with my other siblings.. it is scary to watch alone...
@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
8 Apr 12
Seven years in Tibet. I think is a lesson in humbleness. The way the character who is very pride and think he's the most important person in the world. He becomes friend with Dalai Lama, he builts a cinema in Tibet. He teaches the young spiritual ruler a lot about the world. At the end of the movie he returns home to his son and gives him a present.
@mohd123 (17)
9 Dec 11
Hi the first movie that inspired me was "3idiots" .The next was a recent release "desi boys" it taught me never leave a work for future do it at that moment soyour future can go easy.