Drinking a glass of Calamansi Juice everyday will make illnesses away

December 8, 2011 1:37am CST
I went to my grandparents hometown last night and they were really shocked of the weight i gained since the last time they saw me. They also learned of the health problems I'm into lately like hypertension associated with high level of sugar, and etc. I received a sackful of advice from them and got my interest was this:"If you want to stay healthy , and get rid of those diseases, all you have to do is to drink a glass of Calamansi juice everyday." They mentioned names in our place who managed to gain back good health by just taking the Calamansi juice. I am a bit apprehensive, though I know its a good source of viamins C, but getting rid of all those major health problems, that I am not sure of. Any body who would like enlighten me about this? I would really appreciate it. Is it a fact or fallacy?