my father is already out of the hospital

@hotsummer (10309)
December 8, 2011 8:38pm CST
we did pay a big amount maybe about at least $2500 in total bill for the hospital excluding the doctor's fee about $350. so it was not cheap. and we still have to continue the medicine at home for few more days which would cost a lot of money also. but at least are about 90% clear now from pneumonia. so we just have to continue those medicines. but it is not that easy to continue the medicines as we need to give the medicines by IV. meaning on his veins like we do on the hospital. we almost run out of money actually. thankfully we had enough but the problem is the money we need to buy the other medicines we need to continue at home.
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• Indonesia
9 Dec 11
congratulation for you because your father is already out of the hospital!! you must remain steadfast and passion to earn money i give pray for you to father healty again, if i had a lot of money i want to help you. your story made me think more grateful for a healty life
@jpso138 (7844)
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
Getting sick nowadays is really expensive. That is so true in our country. We do have so government programs that provide assistance but the problem is, it's not enough. Another problem here is that most government hospitals are so crowded and to add some burden is they lack facilities. That is why it is really costly considering that you have to go to a private hospital most of the time which is obviously exoensive. Well, I am glad that your father is now out of hospital. I do hope that he will be in complete recovery soon.
@squallming (1777)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 11
Looks like your father has a serious condition there. However, please remember not to treat him as a burden. Because it is not what he wanted. I'm quite concern with your financial status. Although I can do nothing else to help, I hope that all these problems can be solved soon. Wish your family a happy and healthy life again.
@drambits (96)
9 Dec 11
First of all, I would like to congratulate you because your father is already out of the hospital. You are almost out of the mud hole. Just keep praying since prayer can do wonders I tell you. Do you have some kind of insurance? Well, I don't think if you will agree with what I'm going to suggest but it's not going to hurt if you loan money from the bank. I know that the interest rates are going to kill you if you did not pay on time but if it's your father's life on the line then it is a gamble that is worth gambling for. Just remember to pray and ask for God's guidance and you will do well.