what's your iPad app?

December 8, 2011 9:03pm CST
Since I just got a new iPad 2, I’ve been tinkering with it lately. I don’t really play games on the iPad (not even on my iPhone) so it surprises me that this list contains games! Here are the 5 iPad applications I’ve been using regularly: iBooks Monopoly HD I’ve been so addicted to Monopoly lately, I never really understood it as a child but now that I FINALLY get it I can play for hours! Whenever I play the real board game, my friends and I are too excited (a.k.a. impatient) and don’t want to read the rules so we’re always unsure if pwede ba or bawal yung next move. Thanks to Monopoly on my iPad I learned about the rules as I played. Yay. Flipboard Tweets, Facebook posts and other random statuses and links in magazine form. Love it. I like flipping pages more than scrolling down on the iPad. Snoopy’s Street Fair Not really into playing games on my iPad but my little brother showed me this app last week and it was too cute. I never really got into Farmville, Smurfs, etc. but this one has really cute graphics and everybody from Peanuts is in it! They talk too when you tap on their cute little heads. CUTE! Zinio Another reading app! I guess I’m more of a reader than a gamer.. This application lets you subscribe to your favorite magazines! YAY! I’m currently subscribed to WIRED (one of my favorite magazines) because it’s hard to find locally. Also, it saves space and paper. What are your favorite iPad apps? Share!!
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