Our white Japanese dog- WHITEY

Japanese white small dog - Whitey's look-alike
@nicanorr (1789)
December 8, 2011 11:21pm CST
Once we had an immaculate all-white Japanese dog named WHITEY. It was bought by my son Rene in the City of Tacloban It was a fine hairy dog that it never learns to growl even at total strangers. It learned to eat food prepared at home and normally grew to doghood with a collar and a dog leash. Some 23 km. west in Catbalogan another son Adam had a big P35T Saint Bernard dog named Bethooven. One day we learned a bad news that Adam's pet was discovered the morning after strangled dead with its leash a nylon rope. The more I strengthen my resolve to take good care of Whitey so that he'll not suffer the same fate that befell Adam's Bethooven. Primary I did examine Whitey's leash to prevent it from going wrong. In fact, I even wrote a poem titled Whitey with the main message that it'll not suffer the same death version suffered by Bethooven. But I was wrong. Because just a week after Bethooven's death, Whitey followed suit. We found him the following morning already cold and dead, strangled by its metal leash. Please don't hesitate to give your comment as to who are to blame for the dog's tragedies?
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@zhaozy (33)
• China
9 Dec 11
In the future you'd better give your dog a cage,a rope so that it will not be strangled.Because regardless of nylon rope or metal belts,the dog movement,easily reined in the dog's neck and let it suffocate.
@yoyo1198 (3643)
• United States
9 Dec 11
This is why harnesses are better recommended for dogs and cats. There is no danger of choking the animal if you're using a harness. I think the collars should be gotten rid of.