Just 3 more weeks now..maybe..

@gothtini (219)
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December 9, 2011 3:31am CST
As I said in my last discussion about this, we're counting down the end of dad's hepatitis c treatment. Its suppose to be only 3 weeks now, we're staring at the calendar anytime dad acts like a jerk just to remember only a bit more of this. Though something scary yet slightly interesting happened.. Mom and him went to his doctor, which is out of town, and after a while I got a text from mom. Turns out his blood count is really low because of the medication he has to take. What they decided to do for now is half how much of it he is taking, to hopefully stop the decline in blood production. Next week he'll be having blood work done to make sure it worked and that he is no longer low on blood. Personally all I can think is 'you're taking blood to see if he has a low amount of blood?' I know there is actual purpose to that but it just sounds weird to me. Anyway, if halfing the medication doesn't work then he will stop the pills and just do his last two shots when he's suppose to. When I first heard that, it scared me big time. Mainly because I know our luck and he probably won't be better by the time they check his blood again, meaning he'll most likely go off the medication. I thought because of that, the last 5 months of hell were for nothing. Turns out I was wrong though, it wouldn't screw everything up and he would just be going off the medication early. I guess because he isn't doing the new med along with this part of the treatment the timing doesn't matter as much, I'm not sure of all the science there. So now we have to wait till next week to find out if he'll continue or not, until then I'm still just going to say '3 more weeks' .
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@joni1215 (394)
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9 Dec 11
I have a friend who is taking the shots and it makes her irritable and hard to be around too. Actually, taking blood from your dad is a good thing as it will cause his body to make more. Kinda like when we have our monthly's. So, don't worry. It will be fine.