Full body massage

December 9, 2011 8:40am CST
Greetings mylotters, Wow! I really do like full body massage. Majority of people wants a full body massage. Others had their full body massage when they are stress at work. They are doing this every month or every week as possible. If you will ask me I want to do this everyday coz it really help me to be stress free. How often you want to have a full body massage?
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
10 Dec 11
I have it once a month. Yes,it's so helpful and relaxing. I sometimes have it twice a month depending on how my body needs it, but not daily :)
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
Welcome to Mylot Heart! I have 2-hour body massage weekly. I prefer to have it during weekends or wheneve i feel ill.
@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
If I were given a massage, i would like it to be a 'full body' one. Having only one part massaged won't relax me as much. umm... months ago, many many months ago, i can't actually remember when i last had a full body massage, if given the opportunity, i would want a massage everyday just like you. only they can be costly when you go to spas. My mother, thankfully, has friends who can massage my whole body for free though they don't usually visit us.