Alicia Key's Music

@fsuma86 (364)
December 10, 2011 7:57am CST
Early 2000 when Alicia Keys rises up to stardom I was not really into her since I kinda don't like her style. It was my friends who really introduced me to her. Since I was a band vocalist before and her songs Karma and If I Ain't Got You topped the the radio we also played the song. I was on the verge of liking her to the max when I found out that she was the one writing her songs. It's my passion to write so I was like hoping that I could pen one song one day. That's the name that I really liked her. I bought her CDs and will not allow anyone borrowed it since I want to know most of her songs. That's me when I really one a song. I remember before in our band since I sang the song If I Ain't Got You there has been a lot of request. Aside from her two songs that I like and sang in our band I also like her Sleeping with a Broken Heart. It really speaks to someone is just newly-single but my favorite is Say it in a Love Song. Do you want to know why? Of course, she sang the song with Beyonce, which is also my favorite singer. So there!
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