@srjac0902 (1170)
December 10, 2011 8:13am CST
A Proverb says Mens sana Corpore Sano 0 a sound mind in the sound body. Multiple are the topics to deal about health and Healthy body. One of the important aspect would be to maintain the metabolism of our body active and sound. When we sleep our metabolism slows down and we need to render it active. That is why perhaps a great tradition came into being that is taking milk and coffee in the morning. History says that the consuming of coffee was originated first in Kaffa (Ethiopia). So perhaps for this reason the word coffee came into existence. A shepherd noticed that his herd of goats was behaving strangely after eating the berries from certain plants. Those woiuld become more active, full of energy and very playful and bleat loudly. The shepherd took these berries to his wife and she sent them to the monks in the monastery. But the Abbot took the berries and threw them into the fire calling them as "devil's work". But the sweat odor of roasted coffee created a great impression on all. Then the Abbot took them and stamped them under his feet perhaps with anger. When the odor was so strong, he asked the monk to gather it and put it in a jar with hot water. Thus began the habit of drinking coffee. Gradually all the monks began to drink coffee to keep themselves enthusiastic and recite their Morning Divine Office with great attention. But some say that coffee was first originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Anyway today coffee has been highly commercialized and it has become a powerful tool of tapping huge income and profit. Coffee keeps everybody enthusiastic. People from all ages love coffee.
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
11 Dec 11
I certainly love drinking coffee very much. I would drink four or five cups a day, starting from breakfast time. That makes me feel refreshed and active. But, recently, I have change to decaffinated coffee, for health reasons. I would take it with lots of milk. Any way, your presentation is very informative. Thank you.
10 Dec 11
Very true, However ot all people love coffee, people all have their different opinions, and are entitled to it, but i wouldn't say coffee isn't nice, because Ive had it a lot of times from starbucks!
@areskya (398)
• Indonesia
10 Dec 11
Emmmm..... What a nice story it is. I just know it. That's right. Coffee has so many lover, children up to adult. It has special taste which could make those lovers to be addicted on it. It also has so fragrance aroma, hmmm, I really love its taste and smell. Coffee contains of caffeine which can increase the brain work in concentrating it. So, someone who has drunk coffee will not feel sleepy, enthusiast to work and could think faster. This strong fragrance also could becomes the best neutralist for bad smell, such as vomiting smell, feces or urine smell and other bad strong smell. It has been tried here, has you try it?