... 13 years ago...

@Lhenni (1246)
December 12, 2011 2:47am CST
Me, 13 years ago...  - We had a week vacation to by friends hometown in Ilocos Norte. We do island hoping through "balsa". It was such a wonderful single experience to cherished!
13 years ago, I'm a working girl (I'm a full-time mom now). I'm living on my own 13 years ago, with a shared (girl) friend, a co-worker too. But I do visit my parents every day-off's. Single at 25. Carefree! I have a waistline of 25-26 inches back then (now it's 28-29 hmmmp!). I think I'm sexy that time *LOL (just being conceited hahaha) Hubby then was just a co-employee. He has a girlfriend 12 years ago (not me!) a co-employee too. Not expecting that he is the one for me *LOL. Just looking back! How about you?.. what you do.. what you're into.. how you look like years years back?... care to share!