How to pack A4 photo or drawing?

December 12, 2011 10:48am CST
Hi mylot'ers, so that Christmas and New Year is near, I decided to make nice presents to my friends. I made lot of pictures and drawings on A4 papers, to send each of them to my dears. But there I stuck with one little problem - how to pack this photos and drawings to ship them. Maybe you could suggest same ideas which packing way is safer and better for shipping such things with airmail. Maybe you have got such presents already and could to describe how they were packed?
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@youless (94715)
• Guangzhou, China
15 Dec 11
Here I can see some online stores which can help you to make your own calendars with your photos. They send them to you by rolling. Perhaps you can try to roll your drawing as a telescope and then wrap it well with plastic paper and other paper. Of course it is better to have such kind of box which you can put your roll drawing inside. I love China
• Latvia
15 Dec 11
But if the my drawing is made on the thin paper, does it will roll back well? I already have thought about such shipping method, because I sought such packing "envelopes" in the post service, but I have doubts that my drawing/picture after long shipping trip will be able to roll back without any problems which could arise.
@ritanoot (124)
• Israel
12 Dec 11
The pictures and drawings are framed ? Then you can pack with bubbeld nylon before you put them in a big envelope or you have also envelopes with the inside is protected with bubbeld nylon. When they are not framed You can send them between two cardboards. Then these wrapped in bubbled nylon - envelope I always send presents wrapped in bubbled nylon
• Latvia
12 Dec 11
Thank you for your suggestion! I hope that my friends will be glad and surprised for my presents! And happy Christmas to you, also!!!