Who "done it" on General Hospital....Lisa Niles....

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December 12, 2011 9:28pm CST
Wasn't that hard to figure! Who killed Lisa Niles? This new doctor...Maggie something or another. It follows that same old story line...there is a murder, the entire town is suspect, the suddenly have a newcomer on board and after 6 months it is revealed. But here's why I say this woman. THe first day she was on the show...they showed her cut out the front page of the newspaper that had Lisa's face on it announcing her death and she put it in her purse and walked out, directly to the hospital. She is Steve's friend from Memphis. She looks very much like Lisa. And in her talking to people, it is almost like she is baiting them, interigating them. She is always very pointed when she talks...like to Robin today and just "happened" to drop that Patrick had come to the hospital with Emma and just "happened" to mention Patrick called Robin a "battle axe". Her whole deminer is suspicious. I'll bet she is the one that killed Lisa.. She and Lisa had a fight about something years ago....Lisa stole Patrick from her back in school or some other guy. It'll be something that Lisa did to her that she killed Lisa in revenge. Okay, good enough...can we move on? No...We'll se in about 6 months who did it! What do you think...who killed Lisa?
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