The Spring Festival is coming! wow~~~

@JulyKing (110)
December 13, 2011 1:50am CST
Hello,you guys,long time no see!^_^ The Spring Festival is Chinese New Year and the most important festival in china,everyone would go back home to get together with their family except some special people with some special things on that day!Me too! I am so excited that i can see my parents and grandparents that i havn't seen for long,i miss them very much!Do you know?On that day,we will have a very delicious dinner together and then watch the "New Year's Party" on channel CCTV1 when it's 20:00!Nothing will be more significant than to be together with your family! Happy new year!everyone!
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14 Dec 11
The festival seems less and less important,but going back to see our relatives,especially our paraents,has become more and more important.when we have grown up,we have little time to accompany with our once you have time ,you should go home frequently.happy new year to you
• China
4 Jan 12
I awfully agree with you, We should really honor our parents whenever, they have lost too much for our growth, it's the time to return for our parents to raise us. Every father and mother is the greatest person for you.
@aprilsong (1886)
• China
13 Dec 11
Wish you a happy new year early! It is great to get together with your parents and grandparents. Wish them all in good health. Though i think the spring festivals are plainer and plainer, maybe i am too old to feel the happiness of the festivals. But you know,when i am a small kid, i was so excited to celebrate the new year, because there are dragon dance, lion dance, wish neighbors(sometimes even strangers) a Happy New Year. Of course, at that time, the most exciting thing is to have new clothes to wear. Now there is no dragon dance, lion dance, you don't even know the names of your neighbors. And i don't get excited in having a new dress to wear any more.