my learnings in life

December 13, 2011 5:35am CST
I learned that when someone steps and looks down on you, rise and put your head up or better yet, give that person a slap on the face. Let him/ her wake up to the reality that you are not a scrap and brought out from a trash can..everyone of us deserves RESPECT whether or not either party feels richer or smarter.
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25 Dec 11
forgive those who insult you,attack you,belittle you,or take you for granted. But more than this...forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you. always remember I'm always here for you.
25 Dec 11
thank you..but sometimes its hard to forgive and forget takes time to forget everything depending on what damage has been done to you.
25 Dec 11
its okay.. enjoy,smile, and one day you'll forget everything..just ignore them.
25 Dec 11
They will have their reward someday of making issues and belittling somebody.
@Bellapop (1281)
30 Dec 11
well, I wouldn't 'slap' them, although at the time I would love to, but I usually would just back away and try to understand why they are acting that way. Usually if someone is of a higher class or 'better' than you (as we are all at different levels) and that they already securely know this, they may not necessary look down on you. I really think it is purely down to the character and attitude of that person that makes them act the way they do. I am just an 'average' person and I have seen people who I know are less fortunate than me and are 'lower' than me try to act as if they are better then me and try to step on me as they see me as a threat. They see me and think, why does someone like her get to be this way and they just can't accept it and won't allow it and so they try to pull me down. These people can be hell to deal with. I do get upset a lot of the time, but I just have to try to learn how to work round it. But then, sometimes I realise that it's probably my fault for making them feel less and lower than me. So it's me who should change and I find that I can communicate with them more better. Then there are those that I see who are 'better' than me - higher social class, more money, more educated, more everything - they know this and I have still had a few who feel they can 'look' down on you - I find that very shameful as I am no threat to them and they still act that way, I normally I would lose respect for them as they are the ones who should know better and be more tolerant towards those who are less fortunate. But generally, those who do deserve to be where they are at are usually very good and faultless.
31 Dec 11
Thank you bellapop for sharing your thoughts and experience.