Breast feeding before even conceiving.!

@seemared (771)
December 13, 2011 10:01am CST
My beloved neighbor gave birth to a sweet cute boy..but it was sadness that I saw on their faces..the reason was that its mommy wasnt healthy enough to breast feed. she has a daughter who also looks quite un healthy and the doctors say its mainly because of the lack of breast feeding.. they came to me with some fright ..the reason was that the doctor had given an alternative to it..breast feed the boy by another mother/ reason was clear..i haven't been pregnant so I cannot breast feed..but they said the doctor would help on this.. I just couldn't say was such a cute boy..I visited the doc. and she had a few tests taken and gave me some kind of injection to make my breasts be able to shear milk when bitten..the process was a bit painful though I felt the motherliness when I started feeding the was quite something spectacular.. his sister was looking over gleamily and I too gave her a chance..she was 5 already but I thought it was possible for my milk to help her un healthiness prob. it has been 3 days and I visit the doc. for checkup and has advised with me a good food balance sheet... mother like no other
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