To go to school or not?

@lady1993 (20416)
December 14, 2011 4:14am CST
I am debating on this, since we have only on subject tomorrow and it is just religion- unfortunately our teacher now is still the substitute since our real teacher is sick and in the hospital. And all he does in the lessons is talk about the same things- and it can just be fund in the book. I don' really want to ride 3 times just to sit in his class fr an hour or so.. but then it is also my duty as a student to be there...
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@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
16 Dec 11
Just go to the school and so that you will be recorded attending the class. As you know, attendance is very important. I go to the school for attendance because one of my professor is very strict with the attendance but he doesn't perform well in school.
@celticeagle (120402)
• Boise, Idaho
15 Dec 11
I haven't been in school for about fourty some years but i doubt it has changed much. It is important that you go to each lecture. The teacher needs to know you are there and interested. Participation in class is also important. And, yes it is your duty as a student to be there.
@gkslight (65)
• India
14 Dec 11
Its not your duty to be in school, Its your responsibility to be there. The teacher may be dull and he/she might repeat the same thing over and over again. But you do remember what he/she said in class, don't you??. That is what teaches do, pass on knowledge, and make sure their peoples grasps and understand whats been said. If the teacher just explains a complex theory just ones and move on to the next, then do you actually think he is any good?. About religion, If the human race could really understand what is written in the Holy books then the world would have been a better place