There are more asian girls with white guys than white girls with asian guys

@Msnforum (631)
United States
November 20, 2006 5:08pm CST
I think it's probably true. That's what I have to find out, it's a research too. Tell me what you all think, I'm not trying to be racist or anything.
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@nheil472 (157)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
thats really true, me too i am trying to search on what are the reasons behind all, i am not trying to be racist here, just a matter of keen observations
@suren2k6cse (2625)
• India
28 Nov 06
until now i cont find it
@smuggeridge (2157)
20 Nov 06
Asian girls can be hot while i have never found myself very attracted to asian guys. This may explain the the reason for seeing more asian girls with white guys, or it may just explain that i am not gay and as a result would find it rather odd if i was attracted to asian guys. I hope this helped your research, i doubt it did but cheers anyway
@Opteron (1845)
• Italy
20 Nov 06
mmm confusing research :))...i don't know!