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United States
December 14, 2011 8:54pm CST
ah when i listen to music that's playing on the radio these days makes me really wonder what the heck is going on through these peoples head? I mean yes there are some good songs (SOME) but i mean it really went so downhill for me that i had to make my own playlist on iTunes that's how bad it got i even began listening to music made by other countries (specifically UVERworld a band in Japan ^_^) and to be honest even though i don't understand a darn thing their saying it still sounds better than the crud we play here in america . (no offense to the fans) anyways enough with the rant and on with the question, What genre of music do you enjoy? is it rock n roll, is it pop or is it the meaningless lyrical crud that plays daily on the radio? Thanks for Responding!
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