Some people in my family really bug me.

Man rude! - Man rude to family to a family member.
December 15, 2011 6:07am CST
Some of my in-law come over or I an over at there home to visit then not to often. As we are talking one family member won't let me finish a sentence. And he only do it to me. Some time other would ask why he do that and he wont say. I don't want to go there anymore, but I like the rest of the family, How do I deal with this man? have anyone had this happen to them?
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16 Dec 11
My sister who I don't speak to is like this. I ignore the hell out of her and don't care who don't like it.
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15 Dec 11
My mothers husband is like that. He always has to get his two words in and he'll but right in whenever he pleases. He's not from down here in Texas, where we're from. It irritates the crap out of me. When Im talking..LET ME TALK!! OoO and I he's one of those Know it all's!! Like my husband is an avid hunter. WELL, my mothers husband's always trying to tell my husband about his hunting days and this is what you need to do and this and that. It's all my husband can do not to say something BECAUSE he has no clue about hunter. Same with everything else. It really irks me. I've gotten to where most of the time I just stay away from him. I'll go talk to someone else at the family get together s. However, if he does start talking to me then I'll acknowledge him, but as soon as we're done I get up and go somewhere else. NOW when he interrupts me I just keep right on talking over him. I can't stand for people to be so rude and interrupt other people.