can anyone sugest me of what to do? because its kinda boring.

December 16, 2011 4:24pm CST
yeah..its very boring.. sometimes i want to go back school because at least i have something to do. rather than getting bored to death. the routine i do everyday is just the same and I hate it.I want something new,something that will ignite my existence and be productive.. what can you suggest guys?? HELP!!
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@laligaboy (150)
• India
27 Dec 11
hey do you think money is fun? if yes you can earn some money & have fun @ the same time here in mylot. from morning to night post in mylot, make friends, do a few tasks, earn money & have fun. still bored? listen to music too...
27 Dec 11
spend time with friends or you can spend time in net and meet new people . i spend most of the free time in net . or i watch new movie or read article which interest me .
• Philippines
25 Dec 11
Hi cristy! it's really boring when you do the same thing or routine over and over again everyday. Maybe it's about time you have to get a job- a job that interests you most. This way, you'll be a productive person and you can also enjoy thru it as well.
@min8esign (168)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 11
One of boredom is when doing some routine. the question is, how we can make the routine into something fun. and who can do this is ourselves. for me, something new is not always fun
@phillyguy (3008)
• Philippines
17 Dec 11
hi cristy I agree with notlistening it's quite hard to give you suggestions because you are the only one who know what you will enjoy doing unless you give us some clue what types of activity you are looking for. People have their own different ways to have fun and to make their time worthwhile some have fun reading books while others see it as a very boring activity. Some people see volunteering as a very meaningful way to spend your free time while other see it as a waste of time. Some would party all night and love meeting new friends while others hate crowded place. I hope you get what I mean and by the way welcome to mylot