a good message to parents.

@abhi285 (159)
December 17, 2011 6:00am CST
i think its a good message to parent who thinks academics is the only existing thing in the world and everyone who cant cope up with academics are waste to society. As in jack blacks terms ROCKING is also serving the society!! i think it says we all have to losen up and should not become the MAN!!!
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• Singapore
19 Jan 12
I think that both academics and life skills are equally important. The problem (especially in asian countries) is that more emphasis is places on certain academics, the maths and sciences, and the arts and humanities, music, dance, takes a backseat but really someone who is passionate and hardworking in any area they love should be given a chance to make a career out of it! Usually the parents with traditional mindsets aren't aware of alternative career paths, which is sad, but in certain cases, they can't be blamed as they are from a time when these areas were probably not considered viable options.
@arjunm (439)
• India
13 Jan 12
Obey your superiors, follow their instructions Respect them rest of your life.i just say to my parents I love you very much and i will always want to be born of your son in every birth.
17 Dec 11
I agree with this subject of discussion. In addition to learning, loosening up is essential because one should not be subject to repetition. I love academics and all that but sometimes I have to loosen up and rock out to rewire my brain.