Computer Games and Social Games.

@srjac0902 (1170)
December 17, 2011 11:17am CST
I remember some parents never allowed their children visiting the neighborhood children for may reasons. These parents were poor and they could not afford to offer hositality to them Therefore they would instruct the children neve to receive any gifts from anybody because we cannot affor to exchange them back. So the children always remained at home. But they would play and recreate with other children while returning home from school. In those days children went to school walking. And the parents or baby sitters never accompanied them. The children from one area would gather together and go to school and return home together in groups. The elders would take care of youngerones. So on the way the children would find plain grounds, and temporary rivers. The rivers had water during the monsoon. And the children would rush back from school and swim in the water for some times. Sometimes they would play duel, they each one would go to his or her own home. The parents were very careful to watch over the children that there may not arise any dispute among the children and there be mutual respect. Now the time has changed. Today the children have become individualistic. They go to school by vehicles. They sit with thier computer and play video Games. Today Games Console is the fashion of the time. Children persevere to sit for hours with feeling the need to communicate neither with the parents nor with the neighboring children. Teachers from the school have a common opinion today. Earlier the children loves peer groups and they willingly played social games. They interated with their peer groups and friends. Today children get extemely angry if anyone goes to disturb them. Even though relatives may visit, they are not least bothered. They continue with their video games. They are familier only with their computer and parents to feed them. Otherwise they remain as strangers and individualistic.
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@sumanadep (1230)
• India
18 Dec 11
Very true.. now a days kids like to be alone and play video games more than playing outsite with other kids.. but this is not the children's fault.. the outdoor games are not encouraged by parents .. kids have less time left after studies..
@davaome (1828)
• Philippines
18 Dec 11
Many things have changed. Some kids can't even socialize with other kids these days. they are glued to playing these video games and couldn't careless what happens on the real world.
@marguicha (106333)
• Chile
17 Dec 11
Times have changed a lot everywhere. When I was a child, most of the children were allowed to play in the streeet. There were few cars and there was a notion of neighborhood. Mothers and nanies took care of the neighborhood´s children. There were rules, but the games were social. There was recess at school and we would play many games according to the time of the year. now children know everything about computers but lack all social skills. I wonder if in the future they will want to interact with people and will not know how
• United States
17 Dec 11
I think that it is okay for children to play console and computer games, but parents do have to keep in mind that their child might have trouble interacting socially if they don't get away from those games every once in awhile.