Anybody with US Army experience?

United States
December 17, 2011 5:56pm CST
My boyfriend just swore into the army a few days ago and I've been a bit sad. He wanted to go in as Military Police but it wasn't open so he ended up getting Field Artillery Firefinder and Radar Operator (13R). I'm extremely nervous about this because I don't want him in life-threatening situations. I know he'll probably get shipped to Afghanistan and I'm already worrying because I can't lose him. I've been talking to him and asking him millions of questions and he doesn't seem to be worried. Of course he knows he'll have to be careful and stay safe, but he's not concerned and hasn't ever heard of 13R's getting killed. But I was just wondering if there's anybody here with US Army experience because I'd really like to know a whole lot more about this job just to ease my mind so I'm not as worried.
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