Woman's clothing sizes vs Men's clothing sizes!

@kay2aT (73)
December 17, 2011 10:13pm CST
I'm sure a lot of you know about how Woman's & Men's size's of clothing are so different. But why does it have to be that way? It is so frustrating! When my husband goes in to buy a pair of pants or a shirt, all he has to do is look for the waist & inseam size, or in a shirt the neck size & sleeve length. His shopping time is to fast! But we woman go in and we start looking in a size range that covers usually 3 different sizes. Lets say 10, 12 & 14... My husband always gets so upset when I look for clothes and always ask me "why does it have to take you so long? What size do you need? Just go look at those sizes!" Then comes my explanation! "Well, HONEY! the size all depends on the brand, who makes it; how the design or style is made, etc, etc, etc..." and well of course, he gives me 'THE GLARE'! Yes, you ladies know what I'm talking about! You been there, haven't you? Isn't it so frustrating? Why can't ladies sizing be made easier & more uniform in the size range from one brand to the next? All the companies who make men's clothes follow the same size measurements. Why can't the companies who make ladies clothes do the same thing?
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@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
18 Dec 11
I can totally relate to you too! When I step into a shopping mall, every little corner is a clothing shop for women and maybe I might spot a guy's store in the corner. The girl's stores are always better looking with bright colors like pink with fancy branded clothing hanging around the windows and it just makes you want to get in there. I take my time too because I takes ages to search through the sizes. Some stores just have a huge table and chuck all the ladies tops there and people just rummage through it and chuck it everywhere. Some shirts are too big, some are just too small. When I look at the men's clothing stores, they're so neat and there's hardly anyone there so you can shop in peace. I have to bump into other girls and share the same rack, it's a bit awkward standing next to someone and then you find out you're both eying for the same thing. It's so annoying! Like you said, I wish all sizes were the same for all brands, I never try on clothes because I just can't be bothered and it takes too long. The guys clothing designs are so simple, for women you have like all these really weird and ugly designs sometimes. Like what everyone is saying, women's clothing are always bad quality. Too thin an they get ruined so easily.
@kay2aT (73)
19 Dec 11
That is so true! The malls are full of women's clothing stores everywhere! and very few just for men. I know exactly what you mean when you say about the women's clothing stores being so crowded and usually the clothes are messed up or people take them off the clothes rack and carry them around then just hang them back up on any clothes rack and not even in the size area for the size of the clothing they put back. Then when I come along to look for a size, they are so mixed up I can't find anything in my size! It is so frustrating! You made some really good points! Thank you for your comments! :)
• United States
18 Dec 11
I couldn't agree more. It takes me forever to buy clothes for myself. It's gotten to the point where I no longer enjoy shopping for clothes anymore when at one time I used to. Men have it so easy. Like your husband my husband doesn't take nearly as long as I do to shop for clothes. I've also noticed that the clothes that are made for men are better made. Like the fall jackets that they make for men are thicker, warmer. So are a lot of the other clothes that they make for men. Why do they have to use cheaper materials for women's clothing then they do for men? Not all stores of course but a lot of them do. It's very frustrating & unfair as well.
@kay2aT (73)
18 Dec 11
I agree with you about not liking to shop for clothes anymore! It has become a real chore! I too use to like to shop, but now I avoid it when I can. It is so frustrating to take several sizes & styles into the dressing room... first you have to take off your shoes, then your clothes, then you have to begin putting on the ones you want to try on. Oh, and here is the best part! NONE OF THEM FIT!!! Yes, you take 3 different sizes in with you, go through all the on and off with the clothes, and what do you come out with? Nothing! All that time & frustration, no wonder I don't like to shop anymore! I also agree with what you said about the quality! Good point! Thank you for your comment! :)
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