Pledges for U.S. Senators and Assembly Members --- What do you think about them?

United States
December 18, 2011 8:54pm CST
At this point, would you like to outlaw pledges, say that no senator or assembly member can pledge anything except what he is given the oath of office and pledges at that time to serve all of the people of the United States without exception? I believe that it was unwise and irresponsible for any senator or assembly member to sign any pledges. Those who sign the pledges do so for political advantage or just to stay in the game. They typically do not sign the pledges because they really are devoted to the causes which championed the pledges. And, in many cases, once there is a pledge in place, there is the perceived need to adhere to it even if it is not really in the peoples' best interest to do so. A case in point, there have been many bills introduced in the House and in the Senate which would have helped many people and would have immediately led to some improvements in the economy but because they involved some additional spending those who signed pledges not to spend money did not approve them as they were afraid of the Grover Norquist and others. There have also been areas that could have been cut a bit more but those who signed pledges not to cut in those areas have their hands tied and cannot cut. What do you think about pledges for elected officials and candidates in general? Are you for them or against them?
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