how long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

December 20, 2011 8:20pm CST
it may be for a month, a year or forever. my personal experience gives me a month only. i allowed myself to cry almost everyday but i never forget marking the calendar reminding myself of the days left for me to mourn. the thing is i have give myself the time to grieve for a broken heart but the mourning should not last for a lifetime. i embrace the pain so that it will be easier for me to let go & to move on. it is only when you learn to accept the pain that you will overcome the stage of denial. well,how long does it really take for a broken heart to heal is still a matter of choice. there is no fixed formula, it always depend on a person's broken heart's eagerness or desire to overcome the pain.
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@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
10 Feb 12
it depends how deeply in love the person is and their personality to me, moving on doesn't mean I will forget the pain, but I never allow the pain and the person that hurts me, ruin my chance for future happiness I always fall in love again regardless how much I was hurt before which is a good thing in terms of healing broken heart but a bad thing if I fall for the wrong person, I'll be hurt again however, I will also fall in love easily again with someone new so yeah, whenever I fall in love again, past hurts disappear only the memory remains, and that's why I always fall for new person, not ex
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
13 Jan 12
I absolutely agree with you. Mending a broken heart is not that easy, but it will always depends on us if we really wanted to overcome the pain or let ourselves be drowned with so much pain. It's not easy but we have to help ourselves to move on.
@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
22 Dec 11
Upon reading your post, I suddenly remembered the rough times I had when I was brokenhearted. Although I don't want to remember it, now it keeps coming in my mind. It is okay because I have been healed. I think it took for me months for me to be totally healed. That was a sad break up.
21 Dec 11
There is no exact calculation on how long does it take for a broken heart to heal. If you dwell on the memories, regrets and hopes from a broken relationship for a long time, it is not only your heart that is being broken. It is your whole being that is breaking apart. And as you look back at the whole picture it is no longer him or her that is into it. It is YOU alone. Cry up to the top of your lungs then move forward to the next scene of your life. Remember that life is so short for us to dwell on the agony that was brought to us by destiny.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
21 Dec 11
The heart is a difficullt possession. When it breaks there are so many consequences. A heart can heal in no time or take many years or never heal at all. it just depends on how deep the hearbreak is.
• Philippines
21 Dec 11
I think it takes a days or weeks to get healed because of you are keep thinking about and also especially those good moments and then will remind you and then think those broken days. It is painful,and sometimes you can't accept it.. But once you leave it all,those present good memories will stop to think those heart pain..being positive will help too and to God praying it.
@early3 (60)
• Philippines
21 Dec 11
Depends, there are some who took them six months while the others only a month. The deepness of the pain really counts. Its how you accept the pain and the mourning. You can mourn everyday for 24 hours a day so the healing process will be quick. Although there are times when you think that the pain is gone and you are already trying to move on, then suddenly the memory will eventually pop up in your mind... that's the time you'll notice that the pain is still within you and have not overcome it yet.
• India
21 Dec 11
It all depends on the person how fast does he want to get rid off from the emotional trauma he is facing. It may not sound appropriate to tell how fast.. because every person wants to have something good and the good which they are looking is to have the replacement of the existing love or to find a perfect match love. I myself had a broken heart experience few months ago its been six months and now iam able to set my mind on the things without any pain or any sadness that covers the mind. Normally it depends on person to person. If he or she dwells in the past for too long hoping to get things right but nothing working around he himself is hurting and breaking his heart into pieces. It should take a time about a month to get away from the sadness and broken lonely feeling, however that does not usually happen, it needs true dedication to move on and accept the life as the way it is. So concluding on the topic i would say that if we change our mindset and look on the positive aspects it will take less than a month to get from the sad feeling.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
21 Dec 11
I think mending broken hearts depend on a person, it is a case to case basis. People who does have to mourn will eventually forget the pain, may remember what caused the pain and the hurt but will eventually forget how painful it felt... I have had my heart broken... But i think I will need more than a Month, especially if the cause of your broken heart always presents itself to me! =( Anyway... I guess for me prayer helped a lot in my mending my broken heart. It sure was the way that made me stronger, it made me overcome crying for it everyday. I agree though that crying as much as you could will help you eventually.