learn how to be your self.

December 21, 2011 6:31am CST
stand on your feet.
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@pshykid (45)
• India
27 Dec 11
Life is a game which have been created by god.so,we should know how to handle this with care.My age now is 19,and i know that i am matured a lott comparing others.first of all you should be matured enough inorder to stand on your own feet.Standing your own feet means you should not disturb your parents by telling 'I WANT THIS AND THAT'.Be a man,earn youself by going attendiing any part time jobd get paid for it and then you can see there will be a big change in your in terms many things.You dont have to ask your parents for everything(according to me its a disturbance).Parents served us lottts and lottts and dont want to disturb them anymore.
@vanessa (90)
26 Dec 11
you're absolutely right. you don't have to pretend to be someone whom you're really not. Being yourself means you are true to yourself and to others. You don't have to change just because someone wanted you to be like this and like that.
@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
21 Dec 11
Hello vincent, good sentence. Learn how to be yourself and stand on your feet! Well, first of all welcome to mylot! First advice as a member of mylot, You won't be benefited on mylot if you post one line posts. So, you need to be as descriptive as possible when you are posting something. The more you type with quality, the more is your benefit. Coming to your topic, well, we certainly need to be ourself and not stumble in our life later on walking on the footsteps of others. Everybody have their own way of living their lives and only the one who knows the path will know how to handle the hurdles coming on the way they are travelling. So, if we are walking on somebody else's footsteps, then forever we need to follow them, else you can never reach any goal at all in your life. You will have to wonder in the middle of the ocean which is wide open, all the sides showing nothing but the same water. One day you will end up without even knowing where you started and where you would end. So, we need to stand for ourselves and decide ourselves with everything.