What will you do if promos you availed from telecom company suddenly cancelled.

December 21, 2011 9:54am CST
Greeting to all mylotters, Actually, I have an experience from one of the telecom companies. I registered on their unlitext promo after I got my load. Then, I started sending messages to all my friends using group text. Afterwards, I can't send messages already though my unlitext will expire on the next day. So, I was wondering until I decided to call their hotline. I was able to talked with one of the girl representatives. Then, she informed me that my unlitxt was already cancelled due to sending multiple text. That time I started to become an angry customer. How come that my unlitxt was cancelled just because of sending multiple text. I asked her to give my call to her supervisor but suddenly our conversation was cut. I dialled their hotline for the second time and I already spoke with one of the supervisors but he can't explain the reason until they decided to give back my unlitxt.
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