Do You Hang Stars On The Top Of Roof , Christmas Tree Or On the Roof Of Crib?

@srjac0902 (1170)
December 21, 2011 3:14pm CST
In many places people from all ages love to make Christmas Crib, Christmas Tree and hang the Star. They light the Electric bulb. So Christmas assumes a title like A Feastival of Lights. It is a common saying that when the great people are born there appears a comet or the pregnant mother experiences some extra ordinery phenomenon. The arrival of great people has been foretold by the prophets or by those who receive a supernatural locution or a vision. keeping the star is a symbol of indicating that Christ is the Light of the world. They we see a series of festivals will be celebrated soon after Christmas and mysterious realities make us reflect and sing. Light indicates enlightenment, revealing of supernatural reality. Those who truely get enlightened, they begin to see many supernatural realities and their life will be transformed. Their life direction will change. They will fully commit themselves for the service of God and the humanity. So enlightenment bears an everlasting consequence.
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