how to earn much in my lot?

December 21, 2011 6:16pm CST
hey guys I need soon advice regarding how to make my money grow since I am still a newbie. I do appreciate your help. Thanks guys for helping me
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• United States
22 Dec 11
First off, welcome to myLot if you're just joining. Or hello, if you've been here a while. Now, myLot is not intended to make you rich. So keep that in mind. I suggest you just try and stay active here as much as you can. Start more discussions. Respond to discussions you start and that others have stared. Make sure when you write you write more than one or two sentences. Don't use myLot as a job but as a place to learn and share things with others. If you make it fun you won't have no problem coming back and before long your money will add up. I'm not on here as much and I've had a few accounts that I've let die in the past. That's because I only logged in when I thought about money instead of getting or giving advice. Hope any part of this helps you out.
@manforum (135)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 11
yup.. i agree with you.