CHRISTMAS: Does it matters to you

December 22, 2011 2:35am CST
It was the 25th of November 2007 when my father passed away, in just two months after that lost, my grandfather followed. That series of events devastated the whole family and clan as a whole. Looking back when they are both alive, they are both strict in logical ways but i was naive and young then. Every Christmas vacation, we gathered together as a family, with our relatives as a clan. It was messy chaotic and fun at the same time. Now that they are gone, and their absence still lingers within each and member of the family/clan, Christmas is not the same as before. Some of us thinks of monetary expenses during this festivity or hate their relatives and other family member for invading personal property and freedom. I used to feel it several times when the family/clan gather every year. I was a big or the biggest mistake i had done, even with their knowledge. On Christmas day this year i will be alone, spending it with my extended family, friends and people i don't know. How do you want to spent this coming Christmas? Does it matter where you spent it with? or, Christmas does not matter to you anymore...
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• Philippines
22 Dec 11
Christmas definitely matters to me. It's the birth of our Lord Jesus. It would be great if I have my family and friends to celebrate it with. I wanna spend it by going to Church first, then celebration follows. We can celebrate it together, if you like. (You can come over my place, mom would be pleased);)
23 Dec 11
Christmas matters for me its the favourite fest of mine.when i was with my father and family we always spend this day together, and went to church only because of me coz they know how much i love christmas. This day is also special for me because after 2 days of christmas my birthday falls and after christmas we enjoy birthday. Since the last 7 year i'm alone i miss my those days but what we can't do any thing.Still i'm going church on every christmas with my friends.