DPS druid guide to Dragon Soul - Morchok

December 22, 2011 3:43am CST
Morchok As the first encounter, Morchok is super simple, so there isn't all that much gaming that needs to be done in order to maximize your DPS. For the most part, you'll merely just be standing there going about your normal DPS rotation without much of a worry. The tricky parts really only come into play if you happen to be on crystal duty, which you probably will be in most cases. Try to wait to cast DoTs until you are moving.It's better to have them fall off for a few seconds than to have to recast them again once you start moving. Also try and save Shooting Stars procs for when you need to move as well. Even if you're just about to hit a Lunar Eclipse using the proc on the move is a good deal If nothing else is left, plant Wild Mushrooms. You would normally try and wait until you hit a Solar Eclipse to explode them,but it's better to just go ahead and do it once you get all three down, as you'll probably be able to plant more. Remember that the crystal does knock you into the air, so be ready to use Shooting Stars or apply DoTs again when it happens. Make sure you have DoTs running on the boss just before he pulls you in for a Blood phase, as you'll be stunned for a short period of time. Use Travel From to get behind spikes faster,and resume normal casting as quickly as you can. thats all for the 1st boss in DS
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