inernet friend vs real friend ???

December 22, 2011 6:25am CST
internet make us more unsocial in real life and we look for more net friends than real life . those who are using hrs n hrs what u think ??
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@Porcospino (19502)
• Denmark
25 Dec 11
Some of my internet friends have become my offline friends as well. One of my best friends and I met eachother on the internet, we exchanged emails for a while and 5 years ago we met for the first time. I hope to meet other online friends in the future. I think that it is very important to spend time with offline friends as well as online friends. I really enjoy chatting with my online friends or exchanging emails, but I don't want to spend my entire life on the internet. I need face-to-face meetings with friends as well.
25 Dec 11
Wow so cool , you are so lucky in making friends .
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@anil2154 (145)
• India
22 Dec 11
Yes i agree with you. The social network has reduced the zing that we used to have in our life. Today small kids instead of playing hook up to sites like facebook. That's why they are become unsocial.
22 Dec 11
yes agree , young ppl spent most time online then wit friends in real life . it depends upon person to person .
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 11
My opinion is that, internet does no make us "unsocial" in real life. In fact, most of the internet user engages in social network where they gather around with both friends they know in real life and new friends from the internet. In a way, internet helps to unite people all around the world where they can finally not be affected by race, religion and skin color. I always meet new friends in massively multiplayer online role-playing games(MMORPG) and social network, at the same time I play with my friends in real life as well. One of the real causes of "unsocial" in real life is, the person him or herself are introverted. Thus, the person may feel shy, low self-esteem, not confidence with appearance etc to engage people in real life. These people prefer to socialize in the internet because they are more comfortable with that, others will not know how he or she looks like, would not fight for nothing, show better respect etc.
@FluxNL (503)
• Netherlands
22 Dec 11
It is also seperated for me. You got a real life and a social(internet life). Keep it seperated and you don't have any problems :)
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
22 Dec 11
For me, it is really two separate words. I have a lot of friends that are there in real life. I have made it a rule that I do not really talk with anyone that I would talk with in real life on the Internet. It is just a disaster that is waiting to happen, as if you see too much of the people on the Internet. Of course many will disagree and a lot of people tend to really not be all that social, focusing to talk to people over the Internet, whether they know it real life or not. I think that the strength of even the strongest friendships are rather tested. I have net friends, I have real friends, the groups should not be something that is really meant to really mix. If they mix, then bad things are going to happen but a lot more people seem rather focused on the Internet world but when worlds collide, it can get messy.