How I became happy. What about you?

United States
December 22, 2011 4:19pm CST
In college we studied a truth in sociology that sometimes a person must be removed from their milieu (surroundings, culture, family, environment, etc.) in order to get relief from what ails them; from what stresses them; from what torments them. I never forgot that and whenever I counseled married couples I was often very successful to separate them for a trial period. I counseled people to move away from their family or parents when there were troubles. Sometimes you just can't deal with someone's problems with drugs or personal counseling. I remember how Thomas Jefferson started suffering from migraine headaches the day he took the oath of office for the presidency. On the day he left office his migraines stopped. I was in a stress-filled profession from 1975 to 2010. I secretly suffered from depression and severe anxiety attacks. Another man in our town who was in the same profession also suffered like this. We had a mutual secret between ourselves and our doctor. We took heavy doses of several anti-depressants and anxiety medications. We did not hate our jobs, but the nature of it brought constant stress, no job security, and threats of being fired at every turn. A year a go I retired early and now I work for a company filing papers (leisurely) for half my previous salary. The day I retired I stopped taking all the pills and I have been peaceful and "normal" and happy as I never have been in my life. Is it time you quit your job and became a whole person again; a delight to your family and able to sleep like a baby at night?
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@Archaiwy (599)
• China
23 Dec 11
Every has his own unhappiness.i used to threw my unhappiness to my dear ones,but now i think it's unfair for them .It's so cruel of me to do it.i must apologize to them for it.I can do it never!when i am unhappy , i will do what i like to,such as hanging arround the street,visiting friends,watching Tv,forgetting the unhappiness.Life is hard .happiness is we should cherish the happy and learn to turn the unhappy to happy.Christmas is coming.Wish you happy.
@ritanoot (124)
• Israel
23 Dec 11
I also had a bad period. I was in a pit, that period is behind me. I can now enjoy the smallest things like early in the morning listening to the birds flutes or a beautiful sunrise How I did it ? Hard working in therapy to change myself Its a grandiose feel that I feel today I real life !
• Philippines
22 Dec 11
We have the same experience. I had this 'workaholic syndrome' ever since I started working 25 years ago. All piled up to my mental and physical state - stress, depression, culture shock, etc. After I retired from my office work career, I remember on the first week of full sleep of 8-hours daily without getting early to work I can sleep leisurely and free from overload thinking - it was a great experience. My own desert experience was a 15-minute meditation everyday. I can do it before I start my day or before I go to bed. During these meditation stage I can experience calmness within and just see shades of beautiful colors in my mind. It was a very relaxing experience. I am still stressed, nobody in this world is not stressed it is just that I can now manage my being stress than before when I was a full-pledged career woman. Thus I still long for a longer meditation to give my mind and body a break. I am planning a vacation sometime soon to 'detoxify' and recharge from all the hassle and bustle of life. I hope people would also take heed on being overworked for a 'healthy' living.