bonus for doing homework

December 22, 2011 4:42pm CST
I observed that really hard to push our kid to do their homework, especially forthose who just join elementary school. They tend to always playing around and like to hanging out with their friends in our neighborhood. Meaning we should able to adapt with them,not only good for us but also for them in the long run.I always try to ask them doing it right after come back from school rather than after dinner since they usually already get tired and felt sleepy ..I usually get him a bonus if showing great improvement..How about you? Maybe you have any other better tips?
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• United States
24 Jan 12
I'm working on a strategy (provided Dad stays consistant and dinner is done) that they eat when they get home and then do their homework, no tv or computer til then. My kids are not tired after school mine are hungry. Then they want to do their thing whether it's playing outside or watching tv or playing computer games.... but they need to get their work done and that's that. It's not easy though because I am not home every evening and the tv keeps them out of Dad's hair, which is fine if they got their work done but no work no deal.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 12
We do have to have a trick, so that our children, be obedient to us. I also often have difficulty. I often explain, and give understanding to my son. I told my son about something that will get my son, if my son to learn, or do homework. I also told my son, something that will get my son, if not learned, or do homework. I gave the sense, about cause and effect to my son.
@06MLam (622)
23 Dec 11
When I was really young, before 6 years old, my mum usually sat next to me while I was doing my homework so that she could make sure I had done my homework properly. I think this have trained me to have the initiative to do my homework later on. Some parents just lock their computers by setting passwords so that their children cannot access to it unless they have finished with their work and I do agree with this as children usually get addicted to computer games and neglect their studies.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
23 Dec 11
I think homework is a big bonus, it gets them ready for high school which can get pretty tough for some kids, especially during their senior years. There's some people in my class who have only one year to go before leaving high school and going off to university and they whinge about getting too much homework and the teachers get angry. They never get their homework done or simple copy off others. I always get my homework done because it's part of studying too for my upcoming exams. Some of my friends sometimes copy me because they're too lazy to do homework, they think homework is pointless but really it prepares you for university because you won't be spoon fed by teachers anymore, you're on your own in university. In this day and age, kids are so distracted by video games and Tv, we really need to restrict what they can do. I always have a daily routine, I do some studying, homework and then I reward myself with TV or computer and then I exercise a bit to keep myself healthy. Homework is very important, it will help your kids on the long run.
@indi15 (883)
• India
23 Dec 11
you are so correct. even my son just do not sit to finish his homework. but what i do is that i tell him that he cannot switch in the TV or get his daily hare of choco-pie till the time he does not finishes his home work. But i dam not harsh while doing this.