I regret not dedicate much time on college

United States
December 23, 2011 11:54am CST
Here is what I learned from the movie "Larry Crowne". It was a truth though, those corporate America expect you to get higher education from school, without a school education, you won't expect to climb a higher ladder to opportunity. For me, I had deeply regret why I didn't do excellent in college, dedicate much more time, and my attention to it. I would definitely had done much more right now. Maybe I might consider to return to school, and earn myself a master degree or something. Larry, from that movie, who is over 50, he had done it, with a good excellent score in speech class, and economic class. Maybe I should had done much better than Larry too. So, what do you think? Never limit yourself to opportunity. A good education is a starter.
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24 Dec 11
Well an education make a man is true , if you have good you can enjoy your life more . In college we do not take it serious bt when we come to an end we realize whr we go wrong . Now if you finish your study and only thing is to gain more knowledge on field you want to do job in future .
• Indonesia
24 Dec 11
Education is very important. I was also regret for my failed in college. Too much time wasted to hang out, women, and other such thing useless. Then I started again, and I failed again due financial problem. The conclusion is don't waste your time.....you will regret for it.
@kaichoukebz (1190)
• Philippines
24 Dec 11
Doing good in school is a must as a student. If you have good performance and record in your school, you will surely find a good job in the future. Do your best in every exams that you take in school. Study smart, not hard. Enjoy college life because it is one of the most enjoyable part of a person's life. Do not just be contented of a fair grade. Aim to have a very good or excellent grade. You can do it if you just focus.