my chest hurts

@hotsummer (10436)
December 23, 2011 12:44pm CST
i noticed that last week my right chest starts to hurt. when i sneeze i could feel like my right chest has been squeeze and i feel some pain. i don't know if i should go on a check up. i am bit worried to find out something is wrong. and i don't know how to say this to my family. specially my mom, who is so vocal and does not encourage at all when you are going through some thing like this. i could be blamed for eating a lot and etc instead be encouraged to go on a check up. specially i would need my family financial assistance. so i really don't know how to go for a check and where to go for a check up. should i go for public hospital for check up. but that is lot of hassle as i need to go on long queue for public hospital like a whole day for a normal check. but the private clinic is more convenient but involves lot of money of course.
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@kissylyn (25)
24 Dec 11
Maybe you should tell your Mom.. Mom always be a Mom..No matter what..It's better to tell it earlier and be checked up than to be sorry..Remember..PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE
@squallming (1777)
• Malaysia
24 Dec 11
I would advise you to go for a medical checkup. Health hazard is not kidding. As soon as you find something wrong with your body, checkup is the first thing you need to do. If you delay it too much and worry about the outcome, your health condition may worsen and when it reaches certain level. You would not be able to do anything to save yourself. So, don't waste another second and go ahead to the hospital. public or private doesn't matter.
• United States
23 Dec 11
I definitely wouldn't advise anyone not to go the doctor. Only you know how serious it feels; however, there are some fairly common reasons. Angina Pectoris, chest wall pain to name a couple. You might want to look into those first. Here is some information on those issues:
• Jacksonville, Florida
23 Dec 11
I think knowing is better than not knowing. I know its scary but maybe its something minor. If something is wrong it could possibly be something that needs to be taken care of in a timely fashion. If you feel like somethings wrong I would get it checked out and hopefully its nothing major! I hope you feel better, I hope your okay. Your in my thoughts and prayers.
@vycess (1590)
• Saudi Arabia
23 Dec 11
It is better to early know if there is problem than regret it when it's worse. Try to tell your mom maybe she will understand that you will need some money for check. Prevention is better than cure, so go get a check up.