Coping With Life Situation

@srjac0902 (1170)
December 23, 2011 2:49pm CST
How do we face our daily life. Sometimes we retire to a lonely and quiet place and reflect. We may think of others and think of ourselves. What is the tune of our thinking? Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it neutral? There are people who are quite satisfied. We can offer hear them repeating "God has given me plenty; I lack nothing". I have often seen them quite content. And I can affirm that day by day they make progress. If we wish to be happy,we cannot buy it with money. We have to acquire it any how by our daily practice. When we daily practice a positive affirmation, it can be literally materialized and we emerge ourselves more successful in life. In order to gain happiness one has to cultivate it every moment. Sometimes we may act as victims and crave for attention , sympathy and we may despirately seek someone to console us. Sometimes we become beggars and mendicants seeking for sympathy, attention, and a feeling of importance. When our supercounsciousness wakes up then our physical Consciousness, becomes more energetic and we begin a process of transformation. Often we get upset for our mistakes and often we do not forgive ourselves. We forget that we are the likeness and image of God. We carry within ourselves so many wounds and hurts, that we become sick. Sometimes we do not forgive ourselves. But if we look at ourseves as a third person, we can see our reality with all serenity. When we focuss all our energy on our hurts then we block ourselves. There is a proverb that says.... Similar begets its similar. By being adamant to our own ideas we may become more stubborn and unbearable to others. If we want to be relieved from all our sufferings and we have to giveup many of our accusations. We have to let the things go. The everflowing water dilutes all imurity and it is ever clean. The still waters create stagnation.
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@sirnose (2440)
• United States
23 Dec 11
I feel this way about coping with life is regardless how rough life may get you must always face it either way. It never seems to amaze me how we complain about our lives, but always find a way to cope with whatever happens in our lives. I just except whatever come into my life and try to understand what it is or what it's about, because after all there's not much we can do about the annoyances of everyday life. ...
• India
24 Dec 11
Did you ever tried to copy the things in your pratical life ?