Philippine Local Government Units on Typhoon Sendong

@tkleyr (406)
December 23, 2011 6:09pm CST
It is really scary to think that Philippines is now on danger zone with floods. Even there are no typhoons in some places, heavy rains resulted to flash floods and severe flooding. How can we be safe if we will continue not to be aware of the prevention? Who's job will it be to protect us from unprecedented calamities in which can be neutralized if we have a government that is strict enough in implementing the wellness and safety of the citizens. My argument is: "People are indirectly unaware most of the times that they are having obligations to protect the mother nature, so the government, with the corresponding agencies should strictly implement what is due and rightful." Each citizens now a days are too much busy with their own lives to survive. Even if it will hurt and destroy the environment, they wont care. I am talking with such attitude and praises for those who do not wait for the government to command them what to do. These agencies or task force were assigned for this purpose ( DENR for example for the nature). Why there are still illegal logging? Improper waste disposal, ETC. The government have the power to protect us in preventing this catastrophic happenings. I have watched on the news that the President is blaming somebody from the local government (or the whole) why they allowed those helpless people in one of the danger zones. I think that we have got no choice but to protect our selves now and our loved ones. Let us do our part us a concerned individual. At least you will have the courage to raise your hand when times come that you will be asked what have you done for the mother earth to make it safe and live.
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24 Dec 11
Like it or not, simply put natural calamity or God made calamity will strike only when God is displeased. People are responsible for selecting the government so it is a collective punishment. Only collective remedies will cure this. There is evil in the people and government that is not acceptable to God and that is how he is giving the message through typhoons. Please find ways to remove evil from the country and from the people and no one will be hurt.