Beggars Staying Near Banks or ATM Machines

December 25, 2011 4:47am CST
Friends... Does it bother you whenever you withdraw money from the bank or an ATM machine and you see beggars sleeping on the floor beside the ATM slot? Definitely, these beggars are not around during the usual banking hours as it is daylight and there would be security guards in the area. In the night time though, when even the security people have left their posts, the beggars find shelter on the bank entrance because it is covered. I dont like it when they are near banks. I am quite frightened...
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@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
27 Dec 11
I would be very nervous too. I wouldn't be going in there to take money out. I see what you are saying about the shelter but you never know what someone is capable of in that situation. I think I would be finding another ATM quick.
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• Pamplona, Spain
21 Mar 12
Hiya grace, Would it bother me? Depends on whether they try to bother me or not I suppose otherwise I would not be too put out about that. If there was one of those there I would try to find another Cashpoint if I could for the just in case if the Person did seem menacing otherwise I would still try and take my money out. xxx
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
6 Mar 12
I hate it. There was a law in SF that beggars have to stay a certain distance from ATM's and can't aggressively ask people taking money out. Some guy bugged me once and I told him to get lost. My bank only gave out 20's and I sure wouldn't give a beggar $20. I don't know what the law is were I am now. I only had one incident. The guy was crazy. I told him to get lost. He wouldn't, I got more and more verbally aggressive until I saw a cop and told him to get the beggar away from me.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
26 Dec 11
That's definitely uncomfortable. Beggar or not, when we see someone is there during the night while we are withdrawing cash it's frightening. Good thing I am not going to ATM machines during the night.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
26 Dec 11
I'd be rather suspicious of anyone near an ATM machine. Then again, I don't use it but if someone is hanging around an ATM machine, watching you, beggar or not, they are likely out for something. Perhaps they are out to get some kind of personal information. There have been cases around here where identity theft was as simple as someone standing over your shoulder in line, watching as you put in your information. It is rather scary how bad things have really gotten in recent time but that is just the nature of life any more. There are just a lot of times where I see a suspicious character or two lurking around a bank, and it just tends to put me on edge. The nature of life has really cause many people to get more desperate and really do some things that make anyone paranoid.
@Woody7189 (247)
• United States
26 Dec 11
I have never really experienced beggars hanging out near banks or ATMs, but it does bother me anytime someone is hanging around when I am using an ATM. You never know these days what people might do and I like to be careful.
• United States
25 Dec 11
I won’t go to an ATM in the evening time. When I used to drive I would go to my ATM in the daytime, but I am always spooked about someone hanging around watching me. So far no homeless person has done that, but once a person came out of his car and came into my space… he said he was just going to help me.. I told him sharply to get away from me. I don’t need any help. That bothered me.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
25 Dec 11
Oh yes of course it bothers me especially during night time if that is the case. You wouldn't know if they are just beggars. Definitely they have plans as well. Not all beggars are someone that you could give sympathy. Some of them are doing the Modus Operandi.
@kaichoukebz (1190)
• Philippines
25 Dec 11
Creepy! Poor beggars . I think, the head of the specified area should make an action about that. If that happen to me, I will be afraid because we do not know if what runs in the mind of the beggars. They might attack us instantly. They are not also accountable in any harms that may happen to us. It is very important to be aware and careful all the times.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
25 Dec 11
In my mid twenties I traveled to Nairobi and local business men were walking around with base ball bats. There were many beggars around all the streets near the ATM machine. Using the cash machine I felt nervous looking left and right. I was scared that I might get mugged. I stayed safe I am glad to say. Years later like in my mid to late thirties I traveled to South Africa. In Cape Town I felt nervous of using an ATM machine. I needed money to pay my accommodation. I used an ATM in a shop but got no money only an advice slip. I asked a shop assistant to help me. Kindly he took me over to the bank but it has just closed. Amazingly they let me in and I was able to sort things out. I got the money from that helpful bank, paid my accommodation and went off to the Garden Route. I was so nervous a beggar lady had followed me and I felt nervous about using another ATM machine in South Africa.