Do you think that I can make extra money raising tropical fishes as well as rais

United States
December 25, 2011 9:47pm CST
I have been raising tropical fishes for over 60 years so I know a lot about them and their care. I am buying a new house and will be putting in a few central filtration systems (one filter each for several aquariums) to make it easier to do water changes (which the water will be going to help water the garden). How many of you have made any money raising tropical fishes in their house and which kinds of fishes did you raise or was it not only fishes but plants and inverts too? I also intend on raising rabbits for food and fur, How many people have made money raising rabbits for fur/meat? Can you explain how you went abut raising them and what I should know before I start? I do put together Native American crafts that I sell at pow wows during the slpring through fall so I know that I can make money that way.
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• United States
26 Dec 11
If you have been doing it for years, I would say then try and sell some, you might as well. Hey any extra cash would be great. Also if you know what you are doing and been doing it for years, try and start a blog about raieing tropical fish, and the care of them. Who knows maybe you will have found a niche and be able to make some good cash from the blog.
• Indonesia
26 Dec 11
Tropical fish are easily raised. Keeping the temperature of the water and the provision of adequate food is an important key. This is very profitable business. Requires hard work in the beginning.... I used to have crabs ponds, but very poor water condition, exposed waste oil from local oil fields. and i ask for compensation, greater than what I spend for capital.