Amazing people from different parts of the world . . .

@boyuancy (1709)
December 27, 2011 7:27am CST
I was playing this online multiplayer game on the 24th of December and it froze. We were 6 players originally but 3 were left there. 1 was from U.S.A, a 26 year old guy, another was a NZ guy, 26 year old as well and the third one was me. The NZ guy was a dairy farmer and told so much about his profession, how he has 3200 cows and he and his wife milk them. How they produce around 34000 litres of milk a day. And how they were affected by the recent quakes in NZ (I didn't know it happened). It's all so interesting to know, and the diversity of the world sometimes amazes me.
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@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
4 Jan 12
Hi boyuancy, Yes our world is certainly an interesting and amazing place. All sorts of people with their cultures and practices abound. It certainly is an eye opener for us to learn about their lives, livelihood etc. You can interact with them via the internet or better still if you have the opportunity to visit such places personally. You will get to meet such amazing people from all over the world and the experience will be much more fulfilling. Have a good day.