Exotic Foods

December 27, 2011 8:47am CST
Had you tried eating exotic foods? What is its taste? If you will be given a chance to eat something exotic, will you dare to try it? I think, I will dare to try exotic foods for experience. I believe, it will be a great a experience for me. I do hope I could try some of it someday. My dear friends and fellow mylotters, what can you say about it?
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@youless (93191)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Dec 11
Here people enjoy eating. So we will not miss the exotic foods. You can easily find various kinds of restaurants in my city. The most popular exotic restaurants probably is from Japan. Since people are interested in eating sushi. I like eating in the exotic restaurants since I can learn a lot of cooking from it and try to make the same at home. I love China
• Calgary, Alberta
27 Dec 11
I am Peruvian, actually part Peruvian who is born in Peru. Part of my Culture is to eat Rabbits,Guinea Pigs and Alpacas. yeah people dont want to eat them cos their cute but....Rabbits are pest to farmers and theyw erent as nice as people think they were,But it is the best meat ever. yeah people say it tasted like chicken but I will eat it over chicken, chickens are disgusting, they were fed with chemicals and theyw ere injected with Female Hormones, a very cancerous meat. Rabbits have cleaner meat, they eat vegetables. They have less cholesterol and packed with protein, If people think its evil to kill rabbits, well..... well its not, Rabbits were raised with better conditions over the Cows,Pigs and chickens they eat. Guinea pigs, well when the white people discovered them, My ancestors created the guinea pigs, They were eating the guinea pigs since the beginning of time, foreigners found them cute and popularized them as pets and started to call my ancestors who invented the guinea pigs they kept as pets savages, well without my ancestors there will be no guinea pigs. I think European restaurants in the Philippines serves Rabbit. since you dont eat vegetables, try to prefer the vegetarian animals over the omnivorous ones, they were healthier. oh,,,,,, chickens eats insects, maggots and worms, while farmed chickens eats chemicals. ----- if you dont mind me asking, do you eat fish?