Positve Feelings vs Positive Thinking

December 27, 2011 7:58pm CST
I always wonder, which one is more able to make us happy, positive feelings or positive thinking ?
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@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
28 Dec 11
i think they are alike and interrelated to one another. because, you wont feel happy if your not thinking happy thoughts. think and feel positive so you wont get stressed out.
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
I agree with you, xien2xien. Both positive thinking and positive feelings are interrelated and affect each other. They feed each other. So if you continuously think positive thoughts, positive feelings will come out of it. And if you're feeling good, you will be most prone to think only positive thoughts. Both positive thinking and positive feelings attracts only positive things good things and experiences in your life.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
16 Nov 12
I think everyone thinking should positive because due to positive thinking we can achieve any goal. According to me "Positive thinking is a key of success."
• Philippines
3 Jan 12
I believe that one cannot be an optimistic person and feel sad at the same time. I think if you feel good and happy inside it is easy to become a positive thinker. When I was in college, I failed a minor subject and I was very depressed over it. I was depressed because I believe that I don't deserve to fail that one since I did my best. I was lucky that the subject was offered in the second semester so I was able to get it although I have to overload so that I will not be delayed for our internship. My sister shared with me a booklet about the power of positive thinking by Vincent Peale. It discusses that positive thinking and attitude will help you overcome obstacles. I tried to apply the things he mentioned in the booklet and I was amazed how I came out of depression. When I failed I thought it was the end of the world but I realized that experience strengthened me. I worked hard and I don't feel sad anymore. And believe me, I feel happy and I tried to see the brighter side of it. My crush was on the same class with me since he failed that subject too and he called me often to ask if there are any assignment. Some of my classmates relied on me to ask favor from our teacher when her exam will coincide with a major one. I am very thankful that we have a new and approachable teacher who gave us a fair grade. This experience taught me that having a positive outlook in life, being optimistic and having positive feelings will help you overcome whatever hardships that comes your way. And since then, I always look at the brighter side of life and see my cup as always half full instead of half-empty.
@vustha (18)
• Indonesia
1 Jan 12
our hearts will move our minds to do / not do something, so its two were related.
• Indonesia
28 Dec 11
I think positive feeling more related to happiness. It's make you happy....and positive thinking make you be objective rational.... Positive Feeling for internal and thinking for external....