Can they play classic ps2 games too?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
December 27, 2011 11:34pm CST
Hi, I'm considering saving some bucks or giftcards, and leaping into the land of ps3 but I heard some place that the Playstation 3 game systems can not play classic ps2 games is that true or did someone have their facts mixed up? I wanna know cuz I still enjoy the old classic as well as the new stuff, can some of you share what you know on the subject? thanks.
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@jarrenh1 (10)
28 Dec 11
Alas this is indeed true if you have a newer version of the ps3 if you search online you can find a ps3 compatible to ps2 games but you probably won't find a new ps3 with that option.
@apples99 (6564)
• United States
28 Dec 11
Aww thats messed up, that means no classic Tomb Raider or Crash Bandicoot or FF8 or other classics that I still enjoy seriously this info turns me off to the ps3 system it makes no sense because when the ps2 came out they made sure that it would work with older ps1 games so why didn't they do the same with the ps3?.
30 Dec 11
Not sure, but if you search up ps2 compatible ps3 you can probably find one to buy. Also some of the games on ps2 can be download through the PSN market.