What do you guys think about Kinect?? It AWESOME for me.

@skyxie (63)
December 28, 2011 6:50am CST
I'm not really a gamers before, let alone to buy a console and to play with it all day long. But since I found XBOX 360 equipped with Kinect, I'm stunned. It's really a choice or alternative ways of having fun. I like it because of its ability to attract people to gather and have fun together. It has strenghen my relationship with my siblings and friends. Good to have it especially during gathering. Good thinking Microsoft. I applaud you.
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@mcart82 (87)
7 Jan 12
I just got the kinect and really liked it, I just need games for it, right now I only have the adventures one (the one that came with the system). Do you recommend any games for the Kinect?
@skyxie (63)
8 Jan 12
harry potter is interesting, but tiresome. kinect sports is the best. play it with your friends and family. awesome
• Netherlands
10 Dec 12
The Kinect sensor is indeed really awesome, it's a nice piece of technology. But the games that are for Kinect aren't perfect yet...Or atleast, the games aren't really a big piece of fun. It's a little bit to monotonous, like Kinect Adventures. It's really awesome the very first few hours...But after that...it's more like, mehh do I need to do this AGAIN?! So yeah...it's waiting for the better games to come out.
@anklesmash (1416)
28 Dec 11
I think motion control is most popular with the casual market as more of hardened gamer i am less keen.I have bought ps move and a couple of games to play with it and know we can start playing games together though when im on my own im more likely to play something with the traditional controller like cod.Though jumping around like an idiot can be fun every so often and it allows me and mum to do something togethr we have been playing dancestar party together today and i hate to admit it but she was much better than me.