Tarzan's chimp, Cheetah, dies at the age of 80 years old...

@kay2aT (73)
December 28, 2011 11:54am CST
I just read an article about Cheetah, the original chimpanzee used in the Tarzan movies from the early 1930's has died at the age of 80 years old... They say the average lifespan of a chimp in the wild is 45 years old, so Cheetah really lived a long time for a chimpanzee. He was living in FL and they say he spent his 'Golden Years' liking to finger paint and watch football, and he was different from other chimpanzee's because he could walk straight upright like a man. The director of where he lived said Cheetah was very intune to humans, and if he thought she was not having a good day he would try to make her laugh! I thought that was very interesting! I use to watch the Tarzan movies and loved them! Johnny Weismuller was the original Tarzan and his Tarzan call was used in all the Tarzan movies even later when other actors were used for the Tarzan movies. It's on you tube under Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Call, it's the 11 sec. one. Make sure it's not the fake weak call someone put on there making fun of it. He was an Olympic Gold Medal winner, he won 5 Gold Medal's in swimming at the Olympic's in the 1920's! Two different Olympic's. That's why they showed him doing a lot of swimming in the movie's. I love the old movies of Tarzan! Wouldn't it be neat if they made a new really awesome Tarzan movie? It's very sad about Cheetah, but he will be remembered...
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28 Dec 11
Awww, that's sad :( I live in Florida and I had no idea he was here. He lived almost twice the average lifespan of a regular chimp, that's pretty impressive. But it sounds like he lived a good life doing things he enjoyed and being around his keepers.
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29 Dec 11
Oh yeah, that would've been cool to see how he reacted to seeing himself in the movies. Since he seemed smart about a lot of things, I think he would've recognized himself if he saw it. I would like to see pictures of him also, I've never seen the Tarzan movies and I want to know what he looked like.
@kay2aT (73)
5 Jan 12
In the Tarzan movies he was a young chimpanzee so he was not that big, but when a chimpanzee gets older they can get hugh! My husband saw pictures of him in his later years and he looked to be like 400lbs.!