Who Had Influenced You The Most?

December 28, 2011 9:17pm CST
In relation to who had influenced me the most, it is my family. It is because I stayed with them for a long time. They are always at my side ever since I was a kid. Where ever my mother goes, I am also following here. They never fail to guide and protect me, teach me good values, educate me, etc. My dear friends and fellow mylotters, how about you? Who had influenced you the most?
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@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
29 Dec 11
What I was most influenced many. honestly to me it was my mother. Haro in very many children in the father is the main factor for me but it was my mother because my father, they are separated. my mother has developed as a character she has taught me many things and it is very important to me. thank you very much for this discussion. nice day!
@Mashnn (4503)
29 Dec 11
It is really hard to pinpoint one person particularly but I would say most of my famuily members. Each one of them has his or her way of getting things done which make me admire them and wish to be like them. They are really caring and kind to me. God bless them all.
@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
29 Dec 11
Definitely my family influenced me the most too, specially my parents. Since, I was a kid, they always been there for me, no matter if I get right or wrong. My mom is the person that I most admire in life.
@sallyj (1228)
• United States
29 Dec 11
Actually it was a great lady I worked with for many years. She had seven children of her own, many my age. I felt like number eight. She was so special. We always got along well. We did activities outside of work together and she taught me to stand up for myself, to make me strong and less fearful of the future. I sure miss her.
• Philippines
29 Dec 11
My grandparents influence me the most. they are the one that teach me many things in life since i lived with them for a very long time. Now living with my mother is different because things change because of her. The yr gap with my grandparents is 5 decade away so i can say that my thought and my attitude are oldies..
@dong88 (796)
• China
29 Dec 11
Hello! In life, there are many influences and things. I think, the biggest impact of I should is my father. My father is honest, friendly, kind, these in my heart left deep impression, I grew up, nature also like my father that honest, friendly and kind. Happy every day!